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Pyrolusite - Wikipedia

Pyrolusite is a mineral consisting essentially of manganese dioxide (Mn O 2) and is important as an ore of manganese. It is a black, amorphous appearing mineral, often with a granular, fibrous or columnar structure, sometimes forming reniform crusts.

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Manganèse — Wikipédia

Alors que le corps simple métal n'est pas magnétique, le corps composé sulfate de manganèse, sous forme de cristaux incolores accumulés en poudre blanche, montre des propriétés magnétiques [8].

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Sugilite - Wikipedia

Sugilite (/ ˈ s uː ɡ ɪ l aɪ t / SOO-gi-lyt), also known as lavulite, royal azel, cybeline, and wesselite, is a relatively rare pink to purple cyclosilicate mineral with the complex chemical formula K Na 2 (Fe, Mn, Al) 2 Li 3 Si 12 O 30.

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Metallic Mineral descriptions - Arkansas Geological Survey

The principal ore of aluminum is bauxite, a complex mixture of a number of aluminum hydroxides and hydrous aluminum oxides. The most common aluminum-bearing minerals in bauxite are gibbsite (AlOH3), boehmite (AlO(OH)), and diaspore (AlO(OH)).

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